Digital Dairy Chain

Construction of the Cumbria Maker Space for Dairy Food and Drink is Underway

New facilities are being developed at the Appleby Creamery to support dairy related food and drink businesses in R&D and new product development.

Construction of the new process area for the Cumbria Maker Space, supported by Strength in Places funding, is now well underway. The installation of 100mm hygienic wall panels by a team of specialists from Yorkshire, supervised by our technical consultant, Adrian Evans is a two week project that will see the floor area dedicated to dairy processing at the Appleby Creamery increase by around 160 square metres.

Installation of stainless steel drains and a specialist resin floor is to be undertaken during September. In order to make room for the new process area, all dry goods and packaging have been moved to a separate building and the cheese store has been redeveloped to allow access from the new area, all hard cheese is now stored and ripened on movable trolleys.

The Maker Space is based in Appleby in Westmorland and aligns with Cumbria’s focus on food tourism. It will support the development of dairy food and drink products with novelty, health benefits or opportunity for import substitution. Examples include, fermented products such as Kefir, dairy desserts and non-UK cheese such as Halloumi and Feta.