Digital Dairy Chain

Ant Hobson

Maker Space Coordinator

I began my career in the dairy industry working for one of the major dairy processors- operating various plant including milk processing/ packaging/ membrane plants/ spray dryers (and others). This led to me completing a foundation degree in dairy technology via the Eden program, which was collaboration between the major dairy processors to invest in dairy education in the UK.

During this time I moved from my native Yorkshire, to SW Scotland (around 11 years ago) and went to work for a major chemical supplier- delivering technical support and training to dairies, breweries and distilleries across Scotland and Northern England. A large part of this role was CIP (cleaning) and process optimisation with emphasis on energy, water and chemical savings.

Ultimately this leads to my current role where I am responsible for co-ordinating two “makerspaces” which will be small scale dairy production facilities which will offer free training, product development and access to a wider range of technical and commercial support.