Digital Dairy Chain

Meet the team…Callum Knox
Callum Knox

What is your role in the Digital Dairy Chain team?

I am an Innovation Broker, working from the University of the West of Scotland.

What led you to become an Innovation Broker?

I have always had an interest in learning, and I like to work for Universities in their research support teams as it keeps me close to people who can make a difference. If I can take any legwork and admin away from them so they can concentrate on the bigger picture I feel like I have done a good day’s work.

What makes an innovative culture or business?

Having a culture that is rooted in problem solving. Often with problems that exist in applied work settings there is a necessity for innovation, but that isn’t enough for it to be successful. If you have the right amount of patience, passion, and prudence you are more likely to achieve your goals.

If you can create a culture where people want to solve problems and add value to a workplace, then you cover the buzzwords of ‘metrics, KPI’s, and buy-in’ etc. with ease. That allow others to see the discovery, understand the innovation and why it is necessary. Hopefully then your innovation or idea is successful.

Why does the dairy industry interest you?

I grew up around farms, farmers, and small villages reliant on the farming industry. I have always admired the work ethic and the way that farmers understand the land and their animals. When I heard about the DDC project and the aims behind it, I thought it was a great chance to be able to help facilitate problem-solving and development in an amazing sector of the UK’s agriculture landscape.

What gets you up in the morning?

Apart from my family and two young kiddos, I guess it is a want to have some impact. Working with people and finding out what makes them tick, or what drives them, will always be fascinating to me. If there is any way that you can help someone achieve something that helps others, then you can bring that experience home and hopefully inspire the kiddos…before they wake me up again.

If you’re interested in speak with Callum about Innovation Vouchers or how you can work more collaboratively with others in the dairy industry please email