Digital Dairy Chain

SmartSTEMs inspires the next generation with their first Dairy Role Model

Gasgow based charity SmartSTEMs are delighted to be the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) engagement partner for the Digital Dairy Chain project over the next five years.

Our role is to engage with young people across Southwest Scotland and Cumbria to highlight the wide range of jobs available in the dairy industry and help develop a long-term pipeline of talent in the region.

A programme of engagement events (virtual and where possible physical) will be delivered to primary and secondary schools in Cumbria and SW Scotland. At these events, young people will have the opportunity to meet role models who work in the various STEM careers from the Dairy Industry and initially also with other careers. They will also be able to take part in a range of hands-on workshops and activities highlighting the role of STEM in the industry and its application in the process from ‘Grass to Glass’ and ‘Field to Fork’.

In order to engage young people and ensure the dairy industry gets its fair share of future technical talent in the area, we need lots of people who currently work in the sector to be role models and inspire young people.  Ashley Stamper from the national dairy cooperative First Milk has volunteered to be our first Dairy Role Model.


Ashely’s short video about herself and her job will be used at virtual and face-to-face events as well as being shared on our social channels and with schoolteachers. Ashley’s video can be found here:

If you or anyone you know who works in the dairy industry has a story to tell, please do share our details (contact [email protected]) and we can help take those stories out to more young people.