Digital Dairy Chain

Maurice Walton

I’m a Maker Space Coordinator for the Digital Dairy Chain project. My first job out of school, I worked for the Nature Conservancy Council as an Assistant Scientific Officer at Moor House Nature Reserve in the Northern Pennines.

My background is in Environmental Health, Dairy Hygiene and Dairy Technology having worked in the Dairy processing industry for 44 years.

I have been involved for the duration of the project as MD of Cows and Co who own Appleby Creamery, I had reduced my hours at the Creamery so had some time to spare when the need for a coordinator came up, I stepped in to help out until we review future needs and direction.

For my role a good working knowledge of all aspects of Dairy Technology is fundamental, you can be talking cheese one minute then yoghurt and ice cream the very next. Having the right expertise and availability of suitable equipment is quite a challenge.

I’m excited as we have just agreed the specifications for the new maker space within the college at Ayr, developing this into a vibrant maker space will be very interesting and exciting.

What would you like to achieve in the role? It would be great to be able to hand over the role to a young enterprising Dairy Technologist who could help to turn the maker spaces into a lasting legacy of the DDC project.


If I was speaking to young people looking to get into food production, I would say learn ‘the ropes’ – it’s fine having the qualifications but hands on experience is also vital, be prepared to get involved at all levels.


Outside work I have my hands full entertaining five grandsons aged from 5-10 and I do some mountain biking and dog walking to also help decompress.