Digital Dairy Chain

Supply Chain

Through a collaboration between the dairy industry and academics, a first-of-a-kind ‘Digitalisation Demonstrator’ is being created. The Demonstrator aims to digitally connect the whole dairy supply chain from grass to glass.

Finding Solutions

Led by national dairy co-operative First Milk, the collaborators are developing new technologies across three important parts of the dairy supply chain: farm, transport and factory.

The main technology challenges faced by the dairy sector across Southwest Scotland and Cumbria have been identified by farmers, processors, artisan dairy producers, academics, haulage firms and logistics companies.

The Digitalisation Demonstrator project’s collaborators include:

Genocells video

Watch this video detailing how a first-of-its-kind ‘Digitalisation Demonstrator’ shows how joining forces across the industry is bringing innovation-led growth to improve supply chain efficiency.

How It Works

Researchers from the University of Strathclyde, University of the West of Scotland and the Scottish Rural College, together with technology businesses, are taking those challenges and developing solutions to overcome the problems raised and increase efficiency.

SME technology businesses involved in the challenges can apply to be supported by the Milk Round Accelerator programme, run by CENSIS, Scotland’s Innovation Centre for sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

The Demonstrator projects are focusing on how digital technologies can dramatically reduce the dairy supply chain’s environmental impact through carbon emissions, water use and plastic packaging.

Digitalisation on this scale will deliver significant economic, social and environmental gains. The results of these projects will be showcased via engagement activity and case studies, with the aim of replicating this work nationally across the wider UK dairy industry.

The Digitalisation Demonstrator

Smart Farm: Smart Transport: Smart Factory

Identify Key Challenges


Demonstrator Solution Projects

Integration into the Dairy Supply Chain

Supply Chain Digitalisation

Economic, Social, and Environmental Gains

  • Efficient, value-added milk production
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Employment & market opportunities
  • Sustainable, low carbon impacts
  • Innovative tech solutions
  • Industry collaboration
  • Regional growth

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