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Careers in the
Dairy Sector

It’s not just milking cows – there are many careers available in the dairy sector spanning technology, food production, farming and more. 

Careers in cheese production

Born from a passion for a cheese, Appleby Creamery started after some friends who were mad about cheese decided to take the plunge and set up their own business. It started out in a garage and went from there – one of their apprentices is now Head Cheesemaker, and the business is going from strength to strength. Watch this video to learn more about what it is like to work there.

Careers in dairy research

Dr. Holly Ferguson is a Dairy Research Fellow at SRUC and in this video she talks through her career path alongside Prof. Craig Michie from University of Strathclyde. Dairy science and research is a fascinating area – who knew you got fitbits for cows? Watch the video to learn about their backgrounds.

Careers in dairy farming

We’re spotlighting various people in the dairy sector and how varied the careers available are. Emma Sloan and Ali Cook at Hurkledale Farm talk through what it it like to work on a dairy farm – and surprisingly how the biggest trend coming up for the industry is robotics. Hear their story by watching the video.

Do you have a role to advertise?

If you have a dairy role or opportunity based in the regions of Cumbria or South & West Scotland to advertise, please contact [email protected].

 PLEASE NOTE: The Digital Dairy Chain is not responsible for the recruitment process or management of any of the roles advertised on this site, it serves only to act as a signposting forum for opportunities within the sector and region. For more information on any of the roles advertised here, please contact the named company within the advert details directly. Thank you.