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The Digital Dairy Chain is creating two bespoke ‘Maker Spaces’ in Cumbria and Ayrshire.

Supporting Product Development

The ‘Maker Spaces’ in Cumbria and Ayrshire will give producers of dairy products and dairy-based food and drink the chance to develop new products or move from small-scale ‘kitchen creations’ into commercially viable production.

New Facilities

We’re very excited to announce that our bespoke new food and drink facility, known as the Cumbria Maker Space is now open! Located in Appleby Creamery, the Maker Space exists to support new product development and business growth in the Dairy sector.

What will they do?

These two pilot-scale facilities will support the development of any dairy-based food and drink products, however there will be a particular focus on novelty, health benefits or opportunity for import substitution – for example, fermented products such as Kefir, dairy desserts and non-UK cheese such as Halloumi and Feta.

Who can use the Maker Spaces?

These spaces will be available to all local producers, from small scale-up businesses to larger organisations looking to undertake NPD outside their own premises. There will also be advisory support available for farm-based businesses that are looking to diversify into ‘producer-processor’ activity on farm.
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Interested in using a Maker Space?

If you are interested to find out more about the facilities and equipment, or wish to visit  the Appleby Creamery Maker Space to see how we could help your business to grow, please contact us.


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