Digital Dairy Chain

Dairy Research

Building on SRUC’s world-class Dairy Research Centre, the Digital Dairy Chain is extending excellence in the region for transformational research.

Impressions of the Dairy Nexus site, SRUC Barony Campus

Accessing Expertise

Businesses will be able to access expertise and facilities through Dairy Nexus, a new state-of-the-art co-innovation hub based at SRUC’s Barony Campus in Dumfries. Research activity will focus on innovation in on-farm and downstream milk processing technologies. The aim is to maximise the value of milk and reduce energy consumption and waste in processing and storage.

Technology & Research

Digital TwinniNG Technology

Digital twinning technology at Barony’s research farm will be extended across a network of other farms in the region. This technology will focus on decarbonising grass-based dairy production and reducing its environmental impacts.

New facilities will also enable us to bio-refine grass, other forage crops, manure and milk to develop novel value-added products and establish new value chains.

Transformational Research

Through transformational research, the Digital Dairy Chain will re-position grass-based dairy farming towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy. This bold re-imagining opens new opportunities to reduce waste, increase profitability, and create new income streams within the sector.

Image: Impressions of the Dairy Nexus site, SRUC Barony Campus

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