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As the UK’s second largest milk field, dairy manufacturing in Cumbria and Southwest Scotland offers a wide range of employment opportunities and stimulating career routes.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Think working in the dairy sector is just about milking cows?! Guess again. Job opportunities range from Animal Nutritionist to Milk Recorder, or Dairy Robotics Engineer to Hoof Trimmer.

One of the aims of the Digital Dairy Chain is to engage with young people across the region to highlight the range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) jobs available in the dairy industry and develop a long-term pipeline of talent for the sector.

How We Do This

We organise and host events with the aim of inspiring and engaging young people aged 10-14 with the range of careers in the four STEM pillars. Our events bring together industry, further education establishments and schools under one roof. There are so many amazing organisations and companies out there trying to spread the same message and we believe collaboration is the key to ensuring the future talent pipeline.

A programme of events is being delivered to primary and secondary schools in Cumbria and Southwest Scotland by our Partner organisation SmartSTEMs. At these events, young people have the opportunity to meet role models who work in various careers. They are able to take part in a range of activities highlighting the role of STEM in the industry and its application in the process from ‘Grass to Glass’ and ‘Farm to Fork’.

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The organisation and expert knowledge from everyone we interacted with was second to none.

Mrs Boustead

It was an excellent day. The pupils had so many questions and learned about the important elements on farms involving STEM.

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The hands-on experience the children had was brilliant and the knowledgeable talks that were given were great. The hosts were great with the children.

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One boy aged 9 had never visited a farm “I’m learning so much today. It’s great fun” This same child asked so many questions and his parent mentioned how much he had talked about the visit.

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Cumbrian School

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