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Milk Round

Do you have a digital technology idea or solution that could help dairy production, transport, or manufacturing?

What is the Milk Round Accelerator?

The Milk Round Accelerator supports individuals and SMEs with technology ideas that could improve efficiency in the dairy sector, reduce its environmental impact or help it to meet net zero targets.

The programme offers hands-on technical, engineering and business support to help develop your concept and fast-track it to demonstration and testing.

The Milk Round Accelerator is hosted by CENSIS

Do you have a Great Idea?

The Milk Round focuses on innovations in digital tools and devices. We can support the development of ideas for:

Integration of manual and digital processes

Improved monitoring and measurement

New product or process development

Designing, building and testing prototypes

Demonstrating in commercial environments

how can the milk round help your business?

The Milk Round Accelerator  is a competitive programme that runs from January to July, but interested businesses can apply at anytime.

Participants will receive a tailored support package that includes:

Up to 15 days hands-on technical and engineering support.
Carbon emissions impacts assessment.
Access to user insights, research facilities and expertise.
Introductions to partners to help support your business as it grows.
Opportunity to test and demonstrate your innovation in a commercial setting.
Follow-on investment advice to help bring your innovation to market.
A budget of up to £10k to procure components and/or access third party design services and products.

Your Technology Accelerator Programme Manager

Dr Rachael Wakefield

Technology Accelerator Programme Manager

I’ve had an interesting career journey over the last 30 years. On the science side, I graduated with a degree in microbiology, that took me initially into soil science and the study of pesticides in the environment.

How to Apply

Register your interest. If you think we can help you, apply now using the simple on-line form. We will get in touch to discuss your idea further.

To apply you must be an individual or SME that operates in one of the eligible areas in Cumbria or Southwest Scotland.

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